What are the benefits of becoming a member of JaCSA?
  • Networking:
    By joining the Jamaica Customer Service Association, you become a part of a network that is pioneering the increased recognition of Customer Service excellence nationally. Networking, therefore, is the biggest benefit at this time. Linked to the networking are the Annual workshop and Conference, which contribute to the professional development of members. There is an annual event where members meet and socialize.

  • Learning to deal with Issues in the Area
    Our bi-monthly general meetings/other meetings/workshops gives you a chance to explore and clarify issues in Customer Service. There is a quarterly newsletter, which you will receive. Members share literature, which is circulated electronically among members from time to time.

  • Expanding your opportunities
    Currently there is an informal job bank. Persons looking for jobs and those needing employees tend to check in with the Association and referrals are made. Students and those in need contact the Association and are referred to consultants/practitioners in the field who give guidance, coaching, mentoring, and support.

  • Enhancing the Customer Service Concept
    You may choose to be a writer and can help to clarify and elevate Customer Service, or you may choose to read and benefit from the writing of your associate members. You may also join a task force and contribute to the cause. There is movement towards raising service standards through: a common vision, direction of services, training courses with certification, offering of Customer Service consultation services, collaborating with strategic alliances, and lobbying with the government.
What are the prospects for strategic alliances?
  • JaCSA believes in collaboration and is very open to forming strategic alliances for institutional and corporate strengthening;

  • We aim to be strategic partners with our customers and members to find innovative ways to render excellence in service;

  • For nominal fees and in some cases, complimentary talks are given to the staff and customers of our partners by seasoned JaCSA members/officers. Currently, several strategic alliances are being formed to raise service standards nationally.
What are the marketing prospects?
  • JaCSA is about to launch a website and plans to provide links to the businesses of our customers and members;

  • We will also invite strategic partners to provide our link on their website;

  • At our workshops and conferences, members may place their brochures in conference kits, and for a small fee, may mount a display of products and services;

  • We currently have a members’ directory of services on the drawing board and wish to publish this shortly. For advertisers, we plan to go regional/international with publications.
What kind of training possibilities does JaCSA provide?
  • JaCSA hosts an annual conference with international speakers;

  • There is an annual Customer Satisfaction Workshop and mini workshops throughout the year;

  • Workshops are being taken to the parishes and e-sessions are being explored;

  • Practitioners are invited to speak at our general meetings and persons get an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas at all general meetings;

  • On the drawing board is the foregoing of strategic links to offer certification and assessment in the area of Customer Service;

  • When the chapter to the International Customer Service Association is formed, training will receive international recognition.

The Association is young and is capable of becoming a leader and a “giant” in the area of Customer Service…members make up the Association…members are therefore the movers and shakers.